The Hybrid Trading Platform

Standard & Quant Desktops Available


Discover a user-friendly trading experience with our Standard Desktop – the ultimate solution for discretionary traders. Boasting a custom user interface, intuitive order management, flexible chart trading, and custom trade management strategies, our platform simplifies the tech complexities of trading. Combined with unique charting tools, a robust indicator library, DOM trading, time and sales, watchlists, and scanning functionalities, we make trading easy, allowing you to focus on your strategies and success.

Standard Desktop - Discretionary Trading

Floating & Docked Workspaces

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Position & Order Management

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Basic & Advanced Chart Trading

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Trade Management Strategies

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Drawing Tools & Signals

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Comprehensive Indicator Library (200+)

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DOM Trading

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Time & Sales

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Watchlists, Scanning & Alerts

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For a detailed list of (Open Source) scripts and features CLICK HERE

Advanced Indicators & Algos
Powered by Arc Ai Developments

Coming Very Soon!
Tickblaze is integrating the industry’s top algos and indicators to offer the
most sophisticated product line any trading platform has ever seen.
For more information on the ARCS-AI products line Click Here.

Volume Profile

Macro Profiles is an all-inclusive multi-timeframe profile arbitrage trading solution. Using Daily, Weekly & Monthly profiles, you can now locate volume-based Support & Resistance trading zones that offer low risk highly accurate trading opportunities.

HFT Orderflow Algo

The ARC_HFT Algo software is an automated trading solution for Ninjatrader which uses Order Flow imbalances, delta divergence, and buyer/seller exhaustion for trade setups.

Smart Money Concepts

The SMC (Smart Money Concepts) is a Market Structure & Orderblock trading system.

Volume Algo

VolumeDivergence Algo is a fully automated trading solution for Ninjatrader based on a micro level divergence detection algorithm.


The Print Profiler is a Hybrid tool that combines orderflow footprint and volume profile. The orderflow footprint tracks multiple variations of orderflow and trade signal features.

Price Action Pattern Algo

The ARC_Hybrid Algo software is an automated trading solution for Ninjatrader which provides a simple but effective way to auto-trade both reversal patterns and momentum setups.

Supply / Demand

UniZones is a universal price level and trading tool which locates key areas of interest (AOI’s) and trade setups based on Price Action and Market Structure.

Volatility Algo

The ATRVolatility Algo is an automated trading solution for Ninjatrader which uses a volatility adjusted trailing stop line with a volatility band for signal generation.

As an added bonus …

As an added bonus, Tickblaze and ARC-A.I. are integrating a proprietary quant algo engine. This engine enables the building of the most sophisticated automated strategies, complete with robust risk metrics, money management planning, sophisticated trade management functions, and profit/loss structures. This integration is industry-changing, making the process of building, testing, and automating quant strategies easy, even for those with little experience.