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We invite you to explore our FAQ section and unlock a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-time customer, our FAQ is designed to address your most common queries and provide quick solutions to your questions.

Tickblaze is a multi-asset trading platform. You can trade Stocks, Crypto, Futures & Forex. To view more details visit our connection guide here

Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial with delayed market data included.
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With Tickblaze, real-time market data comes included in your paid membership!!

Windows 10
Intel Core i5, 2-cores, 4-threads
Microsoft .NET 8
DirectX10 compatible graphics card highly recommended

Tickblaze is a multi-asset "Hybrid" Trading platform built for retail traders & quants. We service retail traders & investors, prop firms, buy-side firms, sell-side firms as well as schools/universities.

Empowering Community and Education:

Tickblaze fosters a vibrant community with its Peer-to-Peer script sharing and live trade room education, nurturing growth and collaboration among traders at all levels.

Advanced Scripting and Comprehensive Data:

Our platform, with advanced scripting in C# and Python, coupled with extensive market data, empowers traders to develop and execute sophisticated strategies effectively.

Vendor Marketplace: Diverse Resources:

Explore our rich vendor marketplace, a hub of diverse companies, tools and services designed to enhance your trading journey.

Specialized Desktops for Every Trader:

Tickblaze features two purpose-built desktops:

Standard Desktop:

Intuitive and user-friendly, this desktop is ideal for discretionary traders, offering advanced chart trading and intuitive order management.

Quant Desktop:

A haven for quantitative traders, this desktop excels in strategy development, portfolio backtesting, and execution, available on desktop.

Just like in any adventure, encountering bugs is part of the journey. If you stumble upon any, please let us know! Report them, and we'll get our best tech wizards on it. Your feedback helps us improve and keeps our journey smooth. Thanks for being an awesome navigator!

Your all inclusive Free Trial data solution comes with delayed data for (Stocks, Futures, Forex & Crypto). As soon as you are ready to trade live, you can upgrade for real-time data solutions as part of your Tickblaze experience.

View list of what data is included here:

Tickblaze provides market data as part of its package, but you have the flexibility to use any other supported providers as well. For a comprehensive list of compatible data providers, please visit: It's important to note that your choice of data provider will not affect the pricing.

Great, simply log in and video products. Here it will list the different plans available. You can choose plan that fits your needs and you are all set.

On a monthly plan you will be billed on the 1st of each month. On an annual plan billing will take place once a year also on the 1st of the month.

To view your membership next billing date log in and click here: (Coming Soon)

Please Read Carefully Prior To Purchasing!

Tickblaze strives to provide excellence and quality when delivering proprietary software and resources to its users. We strongly encourage all visitors to our site to fully engage in all disclaimers, terms of use, return policy, and privacy policies.

Due to the nature of our services and the inclusion of market data provided to traders upon purchasing, ALL SALES ARE FINAL & NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR ANY REASON. View Return Policy Here!

We have an all inclusive agreement with Data Providers & Exchanges resulting in your purchase being final.

You can cancel at any time, however you are not legally entitled to a refund at any time for past services as per the regulatory data and exchange requirements.

As per the required CFTC Risk Disclosure statement guidelines, we cannot provide guarantees regarding future performance. Please read carefully the risk disclaimer posted on our website.

Sorry to see you go! 

If you are currently on a free trial no need to manual cancel your trial. If no purchase is completed before trial expiring your free trial will simply be disabled.

To cancel your paid membership log into the members area and visit "MY ACCOUNT". 

Here you will find access to your own BILLING PORTAL. It is here you can update your method of payment and or cancel.

Be mindful regardless of the day cancelled throughout the month you will remain to have access till the end of the month (if you are on a monthly plan). Annual plans will cancel at the end of the month 1 year after your original signup.

You can view the billing portal to confirm all information regarding your account: (Coming Soon)

To update your method of payment please log into the members area and visit "MY ACCOUNT". 

Here you will find access to your own BILLING PORTAL. It is here you can update your method of payment.

Be mindful billing takes places on the 1st of the month. To ensure your new bill in with the desired payment be sure to update your payment before the end of the current month.

Trading can be complex, however, we as traders need to simplify the process so that we can become skilled at what we do. Knowing everything is not the answer to making money but having a plan is. Similar to sports, if we are to elevate our skill and expect better results, each trader must accept that learning anything new or challenging will take some element of time to master their proficiency. To learn how to trade video our preferred educational partner NeuroStreet Trading Academy at

YES! We’re not just another trading platform; we’re a dynamic and revolutionary P2P (Peer 2 Peer) open-source community.

Our vision is clear – to be the world’s largest hub for C# and Python traders, encompassing both active traders and quants.

At TICKBLAZE, our mission is to empower traders and partners alike to reach new heights and challenge the status quo in the world of trading.

Tickblaze, the cutting-edge hybrid trading platform, is thrilled to introduce its dynamic new Affiliate Program, tailored to supercharge your earnings and partnership experience. We proudly offer a lifetime cookie duration, ensuring that your efforts pay off continuously! Contact us here

Our industry experience and extensive partner relationships make us the perfect choice for scaling your trading business.We have custom tailored solutions for each of the following partners: Prop Firms / Funding Evaluators, Buy-Side Funds, Sell-Side Brokers, Schools/Colleges/Universities. Contact us here to speak with a B2B specialist

Yes, that's the whole point. Not only can you work with us as a strategic affiliate, and vendor partner. Our chief aim is to get you exposure and help drive users to your business via our network. We will host you on our site, send emails to our database and host dedicated webinars to allow you the opportunity to shine in front of a large audience. Lets scale your business. Contact us here