Trading Strategy Scripts

Trading Strategy scripts are used for trading one symbol at a time such that each symbol gets its own strategy instance. Common use-cases include momentum strategies, crossover strategies and overbought / oversold strategies, all of which need to evaluate only a single symbol at a time in order to make trading decisions.

How To Scripts

# Language Name
1 Python How to Accept a Pattern as a Parameter
2 Python How to Accept a Signal as a Parameter
3 Python How to Accept an Indicator as a Parameter
4 Python How to Access Broker Account Figures
5 Python How to Access Market Data
6 Python How to Access Quandl Time Series
7 Python How to Access Session Details
8 Python How to Access Strategy Balance Figures
9 Python How to Access Symbol Details
10 Python How to Access the Charts
11 Python How to Calculate Performance Stats
12 Python How to Create and Use a Pattern
13 Python How to Create and Use a Signal
14 Python How to Create and Use an Indicator
15 Python How to Iterate Over Orders and Positions
16 Python How to Manipulate Date and Time
17 Python How to Play a Sound and Display a Message
18 Python How to Submit and Modify an Order

System Scripts

# Language Name
1 C# 1-2-3 Reversal
2 Python 1-2-3 Reversal - Python
3 C# Bollinger Bands with Engulfing
4 Python Bollinger Bands with Engulfing - Python
5 C# Buy and Hold
6 Python Buy and Hold - Python
7 C# Donchian Crawling Along Pattern
8 Python Donchian Crawling Along Pattern - Python
9 C# Double Death Cross
10 Python Double Death Cross - Python
11 C# Dual Thrust Strategy
12 Python Dual Thrust Strategy - Python
13 C# EMA Crossover
14 Python EMA Crossover - Python
15 C# Envelope Support / Resistance
16 Python Envelope Support / Resistance - Python
17 C# First Hour Breakout
18 Python First Hour Breakout - Python
19 C# Indicator Crossover
20 Python Indicator Crossover - Python
21 C# Indicator Overbought / Oversold
22 Python Indicator Overbought / Oversold - Python
23 C# Indicator Support / Resistance
24 Python Indicator Support / Resistance - Python
25 C# Overnight Anomaly
26 Python Overnight Anomaly - Python
27 C# RSI Overbought / Oversold
28 Python RSI Overbought / Oversold - Python
29 C# Session Buy and Hold
30 Python Session Buy and Hold - Python
31 C# Swing Trading With Three Indicators
32 Python Swing Trading With Three Indicators - Python
33 C# Turn of the Month in Equity Indexes
34 Python Turn of the Month in Equity Indexes - Python