Release Notes

Nov 16th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.13 BETA

  • Updated IB exchange mappings.

Oct 20th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.12 BETA

  • Added an 'All' option in the Instrument Type filter of the Symbol Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug in the Script Designer that prevented System.* .NET assemblies from being referenced and saved.
  • Enable Tickblaze login even when there is a time sync mismatch.

Sep 11th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.11 BETA

  • Fixed the historical data import of the IB data adapter, which was caused by a breaking API change IB made

Aug 25th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.9/2.0.10 BETA

  • Removed the symbols of deleted exchanges from symbol selection.
  • Added default support for Serilog to all C# scripts.

Aug 20th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.8 BETA

  • Improved the Playback backtesting slider sensitivity and accuracy.

Aug 13th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.7 BETA

  • Added a link to this release notes page from the Tickblaze login window.
  • Reduces the refresh speed of the DOM to 300ms.
  • Fixed C_TickType to support LAST_TRADE and NOT_LAST_TRADE based on exchange rules.
  • Fixed the Visual Studio icon to open Visual Studio Code for Python scripts, instead of crashing.

Aug 9th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.6 BETA

  • Upgraded the Interactive Brokers data and broker adapters to use IB API 9.81

Jul 31rd 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.5 BETA

  • Upgraded parts of the UI to support cloud backtesting and optimization. Still a lot of work to be done for actual cloud support to be added.

Jul 28rd 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.4 BETA

  • Improved the symbol search text box for selecting a trading tool symbol (charts, t&s, dom, etc.)

Jul 23rd 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.3 BETA

  • Fixed a bug that could crash the platform when downloading tick data from IQFeed

Jul 17th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.2 BETA

  • Fixed a bug that could crash the platform when downloading a lot of data

Jul 15th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.1 BETA

  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to connect to IQFeed
  • Fixed a few issues that caused the platform to open error windows

Jul 12th 2022 - Released Tickblaze 2.0 BETA

  • Migrated Tickblaze from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET 6
  • Migrated Tickblaze to support C# 10.0
  • Migrated Tickblaze to support Python 3.9.8
  • Fixed dozens of small bugs and usability issues.