Release Notes

Jan 26th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.21 BETA

  • Added the ability to open new trading tools such as charts, T&S, DOM, etc, in their own separate windows. See MENU\\NEW in Standard Desktops.
  • Improved the speed of dragging x-axis and y-axis panels on a chart.
  • Fixed a critical bug when adding some indicators to a chart.

Jan 22nd 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.20 BETA

  • Fixed an issue that would slow / freeze the platform's UI at random intervals.
  • Improved the dragging behavior of the charts y-axis.

Jan 19th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.19 BETA

  • Improved the charts scrolling.
  • Improved the dragging behavior of the charts y-axis.
  • Moved the chart color zones to the Indicator settings window.

Jan 16th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.18 BETA

  • Fixed a bug in saving and restoring workspace names.
  • Fixed a bug in the IQFeed data import of historical data.
  • Improved the dragging behavior of the charts x-axis and y-axis.

Jan 10th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.17 BETA

  • Fixed the Depth of Market (DOM)

Jan 8th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.16 BETA

  • Improved the performance of the symbol selection control so that it's smoother and faster.
  • Fixed the chart data series bar width setting.

Jan 6th 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.15 BETA

  • Fixed a bug that could cause data latency
  • Replaced auto-refresh in the performance tab of the Standard Desktop with a refresh button

Jan 2nd 2023 - Released Tickblaze 2.0.14 BETA

  • Upgraded Tickblaze to .NET 7
  • Upgraded Tickblaze to support C# 11.0
  • Fixed multiple bugs and issues