Modernizing active trading

Who We Are

We're reimagining online trading with intuitive, groundbreaking technology that simplifies and accelerates your financial journey.

Our mission is to empower active traders and quants by building the world's most advanced trading technology. We believe that the future of generating alpha is in automated trading based on quantitative analysis and AI.

Founded in 2006, Tickblaze has evolved into a leading trading platform solution for both quants and active traders. Our technology offers a powerful synergy between advanced trading strategies for quants and intuitive, responsive interfaces for active traders. We cover all aspects of the trading ecosystem, from the initial phase of strategy development, meticulous backtesting, and rigorous optimization, through to live trading. Tickblaze is committed to delivering a robust and versatile platform that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within the dynamic world of electronic trading.

Our client base includes active traders, both manual and algorithmic, along with professional quants, asset managers, family offices, and buy-side firms, all using our platform to develop and execute sophisticated trading strategies and quantitative models.